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Hi, we are 13 Creative. For over 6 years we have created industry leading websites for our clients in Melbourne and around Australia. We are business professionals with an amazingly talented team of digital experts specialising in web design and development, branding, seo and digital consulting. Over the past 6 years we have delivered projects for large corporates looking to grow their market position all the way through to start-ups with an idea that will bridge a gap in the marketplace. Enough about us, we are all about letting our work and clients speak for themselves. Take a look through below our extensive portfolio of completed projects.

Branding & eCommerce Website Development

SaySay Swimwear

Project Details

Client: SaySay Swimwear
Website: sayswimwear.com.au
Industry: Fashion


Web Development

About The SaySay Swimwear Project

"Understanding your clients vision is the key"

When former model and actress Sarah Arthur Young came to 13 Concepts looking to take on the swimwear world, we were excited not only about the opportunity, but we were excited about what we were going to be able to produce. We had two parts to this project, firstly the logo. It was to be classy and easily adaptable to a range of different mediums such as labels, posters, price tags, digital etc. The second part of the project was to design and develop a website that was visually stunning yet was still extremely functional and easy for end consumers to make purchases on any device anywhere around the world.

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